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Meet our associates and learn more about their experiences. Each story is different, but the message is the same – we care about every individual that walks through our doors and can help you find employment. Let us be your support in finding the best job for you – Apply today!

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Rhonda Carter

"One of the things that I like most about Fettig is the way they provided me with job opportunities that fit my needs and my wants. What more could you ask for?"

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Jose Lopez

"Fettig gives everybody a chance. I've recommended my wife and my friends because I knew that Fettig was going to help them the best they could."

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David Moore

"The personnel at Fettig are absolutely amazing. They work hard and diligently while using every resource at their disposal to get me placed."

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Sylmarie Lugo-Montalvo

"I'm truly grateful for what Fettig was able to do for me and the impact they have made on my life."

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Enael Woldemichael

"My staffing partner understood what I was looking for. Fettig was able to find me a job that met my needs and fit my schedule."

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Cheyenne Webster

"My favorite thing about working with Fettig was the feeling that I was in control of where I wanted to work. I knew I was going somewhere I was actually interested in."

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Dena Anderson

"The hiring process was very fast and easy. Fettig is different than other recruiting agencies I've used because you can tell everybody at Fettig cares."

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Xavier Porraz

"I have used hiring agencies before and never felt satisfied with their service. With Fettig, I felt like they were along with me on the ride to being hired."

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