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Do you have questions about your pay stub, tax forms, or hours worked? 


Find answers to questions about getting or changing insurance plans.

Referral Bonus

Get rewarded for letting us help your friends find work!

On Assignment Questions

How do I call in sick?

If you’re missing work, please let us know. Even during off hours, call or text the appropriate office phone number listed below and leave a voicemail with your name, contact information and work site. If you have an attendance phone line for your work site notify that company as well.

  • Grand Rapids (616) 975-3011
  • Cedar Springs (616) 884-2088
  • Lowell (616) 288-0140
How do I report an injury?

The first step in reporting an injury is notifying your supervisor and calling Medcor’s Nurse Triage line at (800) 775-5866 (open 24/7) in the case of a life-threatening emergency – dial 911.  After reporting the incident with Medcor, call Fettig and report the incident. If it’s after hours, leave a voicemail with your name, number, work site location and nature of the incident.

  • Click {here} to view our Injury Reporting Procedure PDF
What if I’m unhappy or have questions regarding my current assignment?

Let us know by calling or texting your Staffing Partner (see our Team’s contact info here) or stopping into our office (locations found here) and we will do our best to help you. 

What works as two forms of identification when I fill out my employee paperwork?

Fettig requires that every employee provides two forms of identification that fulfill I-9 requirements. You have three days from your start date to provide us with the necessary information. If you are unsure what forms are acceptable for the I9 form, please click {Here}

Payroll Questions

How do I view my paystub?

Our paystubs are available online through our employee portal.

  • Click to view directions on how to set up an account and view your paystubs online PDF
  • In addition to setting up an auto emailed paystub, you can sign up for text message notification
  • If you’re still having trouble viewing your paystub give us a call at (616) 975-3011 or email payroll@fettig.jobs
  • You are always welcome to stop into any of our {locations} and we would be happy to assist you
What should I do if I’m missing hours on my check?

Review your paystub for the week you think is incorrect to see how many hours you were paid for – if you still think it's incorrect:

  • Let us know what day and hours you think you are missing. Please include your name, work site and name of your supervisor so we can ask them for approval. You can send this information however is easiest for you -{Call} or {Text} or {Email}
When is pay day?

Fettig conveniently pays weekly, with your payday being every Friday. Your Friday pay will be for the previous Sunday through Saturday’s hours worked.

Where do I send a request for an employment verification?

If you need an employment verification – you are welcome to fax, email or drop the form off at one of our offices.

How do I change my W4 tax forms?

If you need to revise your tax documentation or any employee paperwork you can Click {here} to print off blank W4 forms and turn them in to any location - Or fax completed forms to (616) 949-9480

How many hours did I work last week?

Your online paystub shows you hours worked in addition to tax information and other deductions. To access the employee portal, click {here}. Find detailed instructions under “How do I view my paystub?”

  • If you’re still having troubles viewing your paystub give us a call at (616) 975-3011 or email payroll@fettigteam.com
  • You are always welcome to stop into any of our {locations} and we would be happy to assist you
I’ve lost my pay card; how do I get another one?

If you’ve misplaced your pay card, stop into any of our {locations} and let us know you need a replacement card (be sure to bring identification with you)

How do I change where my money is deposited?

If you are switching banks, closing an account, or interested in a pay card, print the appropriate form listed below and bring it to one of our {locations} or you may fax it to (616) 949-9480

Benefit Questions

I want insurance, what do you offer?

Fettig offers two insurance plan options that you may choose to enroll in when you begin an assignment. Each plan is optional, and you may choose to decline or enroll in both, or neither. Click {here} to read more information on the insurance plans we offer {Call} us to hear more about each insurance plan

I didn’t sign up for insurance when I started working, but how can I sign up now?

If you are within 30 days of your assignment start date, then you can change your insurance election - however, if you are past 30 days of your assignment start date, then you cannot change your insurance election and will need to wait until Fettig’s annual open enrollment period. Fettig’s open enrollment period is the month of December every year. Still have questions? Call us at (616) 975-3011 or stop into one of our {locations} to enroll

Referral Program

I have friends that are looking for work, how should they reach out?

If you refer your friends or family to us – you could earn a $100 Referral Bonus! You can get in touch or have them get in contact with us however is most convenient – their options are:

  • Completing an application {here} and listing your name as how they heard about us
  • Calling or Texting your Staffing Partner – Team contact info {here}
  • Visit one of our office locations and fill out an application – {locations}
How do I get paid for the Referral Bonus?

If the individual you referred to us works at least 160 hours - your Staffing Partner will reach out and let you know, at which point payment will be issued.